Chris Blight, born in England in 1966, grew up with the rolling devon countryside surrounding him and in touching distance of the famed rocky cornish coastline. Early experiences of art came at school, where he excelled in graphical art, but it wasn`t until later in life that he found his true calling in the creative field, first in oils then later in clay.

His interests are in trying to capture a story, a moment, and in representing and enhancing nature to bring attention to the drama unfolding. His love of sunsets and his imaginative nature has fuelled this urge to capture that individual moment: a sunset, a sculpture; both with an indivuality that may never happen quite like that again. He creates to try and include the viewer so that they will also form their own opinions about the work as well as enjoy the beauty portrayed in the medium, and to fire your inspiration

Chris` influences have been some of the great painters and sculptors down through the ages. John Singer Sargent, Rembrandt, Turner; Michelangleo, Bernini, Rodin - seeing in them a beauty of expression that has led him to study, and eventually to form his own artistic style.

He continues to live, paint and sculpt in the Southwest of England, enjoying the endless inspiration of the British countryside.


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